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Lactation Resource Center LLC provides lactation consultations for nursing mothers in the Northwest area of Louisiana.  We encourage you to take advantage of our full range of breastfeeding services. Successful breastfeeding is a combination of patience, good technique, and support. As you and your baby become more proficient, breastfeeding will become easier and more enjoyable.

Brenda Dalton, the founder of Lactation Resource Center LLC, is registered as an IBCLC since 2004, recertifying in 2014. She is a Registered Nurse with a current Louisiana License and certified in Low Risk Newborn Care (RNC).  Brenda brings over 30 years experience in assisting new mothers in meeting their breastfeeding goals.




It is nice to meet you on the web.  I want to tell you a little about myself.  I live near Shreveport Louisana, which is where my new office is located. I am a Registered Nurse licensed in Louisiana. Newborn care has been my career focus since 1982. I am certified in Low Risk Newborn Care (RNC). My experience in this field is diverse and includes: teaching breastfeeding, one on one lactation consulting in the hospital, NICU care, newborn care, and postpartum care. Working with breastfeeding mothers is a day to day part of my profession and I have accumulated thousands of hours of consulting experience. Assisting with lactation issues in the following areas are of particular interest to me: women who have experienced infertility, premature babies, and babies with cleft lip and/or palate.


I love to see local mothers in home consultations. I feel that it is important to visit mothers in their own homes if possible.  First of all, the ease for you the mother, not having to get out of the comfort of your home with the baby.  But for me, it allows me to see where you nurse, and how I can help you nurse using what you have available, making breastfeeding a normal part of your daily lives. I am excited to now have the ability to see mothers in an office setting, which is especially nice for me to be able see mothers that live out of town.


It is your time to act, call today for a consultation.


Brenda Dalton RNC, IBCLC, RLC



2001 E. 70th Street 

Suite 215 (Quadrangle Building)

Shreveport, LA 71105